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 1. Website development and design cost:

1.1 Basic starter website

It consists of :

A.Home Page

B.Products and services (5 Pages)

C.E-Commerce enabled

D.Company Profile page

E.Contact Us Page (including map)

F.Personalised domain and one email adress

G.Responsive design(changes according to screen size to fit on mobile devices)


2.1 SME website
Same as above plus:
A.Unlimited number of pages
B.Access to 50 add on modules
C.Professional custom design
D.Bulk email and SMS tools,SMS short code etc.
NB. Our final quote depends on;
- Do you want us to come to your premises
-How much training you require
-Do you need help to design a new logo?
-How many pages do you want loaded?
COST PRICE = BETWEEN R700.00 - R3 500.00

2.Once off Domain Costs

2.1  Doamain Transfer & Set up fee (if the client for example already has his/her own existing domain  name registered elsewhere,once off fee)  = R150.00

2.2 New Domain Registration & Set up on Server (once off cost) = R150.00

2.3 New Domain Registration & Set up on Server (Starter websites),Subject to signing a 12 month contract = FREE
2.4 Annual Domain Rewal (annual fee)  = R150.00


3.Monthly Costs

3.1 PACKAGE 1 : Basic Starter Website - Monthly hosting,Licence and support costs

Modules included are:
- Header/Logo area
- Slide show
- Landing Page
- Products and Services (5 pages)
- E-Commerce
- Profile Page
- Contact us Page (including map)
- Personalised domain name (Web adress)
- One email adress
- 10 Gig data storage and Data transfer per month
3.2 PACKAGE 2 : SME Website - Monthly hosting,Licence and Support costs
Modules included are:
- Unlimited number of pages
- Full access to Kwikwap system including 50 addon modules
- Personalised domain name(web adress)
- Unlimited email adresses
- Unlimited data storage and transfer
- Google analytic and webmaster tools
- E-Commerce module/Online shop(including access to credit card payment gateway,EFT and Quoting system
- Free SMS shortcode (e.g. "SMS the word SPECIAL to 37995")